best priced home alarm systems

The Secure Plus package adds a glass break sensor and goes for $149.

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After the system is installed all that is left is activation.

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5 billion resulted from property crimes.

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Frontpoint is good choice if you're looking for a DIY security system that provides some flexibility when it comes to contract terms, but be prepared to pay a lot more upfront for a one year plan than you will for a three year plan.

best priced home alarm systems

Windows on the first floor are also a popular target. SimpliSafe systems use door and window mounted sensors so that you always know when someone's coming or going. Motion sensors $29. 99 each. A security system's ability to detect motion can be a godsend and a detriment if Fido keeps setting yours off. SimpliSafe's sensors aren't triggered by dogs or cats weighing less than 50 pounds. Glass break sensors $34. 99 each. There's not much time to react when a burglar gets in. By noticing the sound of shattered glass right away, these sensors can give you some precious seconds to get help. Panic button $19.

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Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account.

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swann nvr4-7085 4 channel dvr 4-camera security system